How Much is DNM Entrance Fee?

DNM Brunch Entry is KSh 1,000 per person* food and drinks are available on venue at an extra cost and not redeemable on the entrance fee.

Please Note: We do not accept reservations while the management reserves the right of admissions.

Where is DNM Events Park Located?

Our PIN Location πŸ“

0700 751413

Safe Journey!

What Times Does the Event Starts?

#VibesatThePark starts from 12 noon till late to allow you reach home safely before curfew.

What are the Rates for Birthday Parties?
Can I Get My Photos?

Sure, Hopefully we’ll post on our social.

Can you Remove My Photo / Video?

At the event, we’ve clearly stated that photos or videos taken by the media team are hardly to pull down due to the hype-sessions we use and by this, it will later be archived after a week from posting.

Can I Get a Vendor's Slot?

Please note we don’t allow food, snacks, shisha, vape, alcohol and illegal-sale vendor requests.

Our vendors are usually provided seats of a maximum of 4 pax and a set-table, you’ll get to share a tent.

To book a slot please contact 0717 754309 with your request.

Our Venue:Β 

What Do I do to DJ at DNM Events Park?

Forget about the hearsay.

The management vet all DJs and small fish V/DJs before we feature them – If you think you have all that it takes, kindly slide in our DM at @dnm_eventspark and share your brief profile accompanied by links of your work (Raw Videos or Audios and Nagging will lead to straight disqualification and block).


Can I Perform at DNM Event Park?

At the moment, we’ve discontinued live performance due to the Government MOH Interim Guidelines on Management of COVID-19 in Kenya.

There Is No Performance, There Is Just Moments Now.

Once everything resumes back to normal, we’ll advice on the entire process.

In the mean-time, follow @dnm_eventspark on Instagram, wash your hands with running water, Sanitize, wear your mask properly.

How Can I Hire DNM Events Park Grounds?

Thank you for choosing us as the preferred venue for your event.

We host a wide-range of events at DNM Events Park and considering that we are in this pandemic together, we have tailor-make great packages to suite you and your guests, please see our rates here and follow up with call on 0700 751413 to ensure that we don’t double book.

Ensure that you follow @dnm_eventspark on Instagram to keep up with the updates.